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Annette L. Sherwood

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My journey to the Ministry of Spiritual Direction took place one step at a time. Now, many years later, I can see clearly how God’s Spirit was guiding me all along my way.

Spiritual Direction is very difficult to describe, and best understood through experience. Basically, a Spiritual Direction meeting, in itself, does not seem very exciting. A snapshot of a Spiritual Direction meeting consists of two people sitting down to have a private conversation. Generally, there is a prayerful beginning and ending to each meeting. During the meeting, the client speaks more than the Spiritual Director, about what is going on in her/his life. The Spiritual Director listens to understand, and then offers personal guidance to the individual. It is always up to the client to follow through with the guidance, or take steps forward in faith. The Spiritual Director does not force a certain Spirituality on the client. The Spiritual Director listens carefully for the promptings of God’s Spirit within the sharing of the meeting, and offers some of the insights gained to the client. It is always the work of the client to share freely and to make changes for growth. By entering the process of Spiritual Direction with a guide one meeting at a time, small movements are made, new insights are offered, and a deeper personal relationship with God is grown. Over the course of time, a client can see her/his own Spiritual growth.

I have ministered to many people through listening, prayer, and counsel, as God’s Spirit guides me. I work with individuals for private Spiritual Direction, I offer Group Spiritual Direction, Peer Supervision for Ministers, and direct Retreats. I am a writer and an artist. I work with a variety of people, men and women, of various faith traditions, who seek to grow in their personal relationship with God.

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Annette L. Sherwood


Master's Level
Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction, May 2005
Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis, MO

Spiritual Directors Forum, Member

Roman Catholic Christian: Married 39 years

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Generosity, Self-Control - The Fruit of the Spirit, GAL 5:22-23