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Spring starts

Ready for Spring (by Annette L. Sherwood, 2013)
I stand here watching
waiting, listening
in early Spring
I see the tiny bud
shooting up from
the tip of the branch
in anticipation, I remain still

I take in the cold air,
watching a few snowflakes fall by,
even feeling some of them
melt on my cheek
I breathe in this Holy moment

I did not plant the seed,
nor spend effort to encourage
original years of growth
No, that was not my work
only yours, Dear
I stand here with you now,
holding your hand,
awaiting Spring

We’ve made it through
another harsh spell,
cold, windy, bare
facing together a New Season,
we stand in a patch of wet snow
as it melts at our feet

Here I am, to Rejoice with you
as we experience New Growth
little buds are formed,
the flowering has already begun
together or apart, we delight
and share this moment
knowing New Life,
fresh perspective, and green leaves
are arriving,
even as the last storm is passing…

Spring starts blossoming now

The winter of our hearts will
begin to fade into cold
distant memories

Joy begins sprouting
with our eyes,
in our smiles,
as it softens our hearts,
leading us to laughter

Hope enters,
which we know
will bud,
into the flower,
and then the seed,
gently dropping to feed the birds

The passing order of this Season
feels like it is rooting us on
toward New Life

Before long,
these cold days will pass away
into warm ones with
mild breezes
Easter Blessings
carrying a new promise for Life

In Gratitude,
I bear witness
to Your Beautiful Spring
and Celebrate!

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Generosity, Self-Control - The Fruit of the Spirit, GAL 5:22-23